28 October 2008

Feeling better - there is love in the house

So, last week was a bit hectic and I hated a lot of different things; however, I am feeling much better this week...
--I love that it snowed today (well... a wintry mix)
--I love that the Phillies are winning - HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!! (that's for my husband)
--I love surprises; but I love giving them too
--I love when I can concentrate
--I love dressing in layers
What do you love???
Until we blog again - best

22 October 2008

sorry, no love here

--I hate people who cough in my face [John]
--I hate Purple mini vans - for real, mini vans are bad enough, but then they add shite black tint to the back windows, a few dents and scratches, on top of stinky foot odor and NO sunroof
--I hate underwear that leave panty lines
--I hate that it gets dark so early
Let me end on a positive note:
--I'll get back to you

20 October 2008

I can't believe I have followers

--I love that I have followers! But I love comments even more... thanks Testa

--I also love "Mad Men" on AMC - Sunday nights at 10 p.m. Has anyone caught on to this drama?? It's good...
--I love Pellegrino - sorry John, but it's better than flat tap
--I love that my husband introduces me to new things all the time

16 October 2008

All over a catfish lunch

--I love that Tom Coyne is always the loudest person in the restaurant

--I hate catfish burps, especially when they're mine

--IHA - stands for "I Hate Acronyms"

--I love Bud Light Lime

--I love bullets

Hello online world

I LOVE blogging, even if it's my first try.
Welcome - I have plenty of things to say - because I love and hate a LOT of things. But I'll be very ladylike in the process. No foul language, at least.
Stop by again. I plan to post about my lunch excursion today. I do LOVE lunch...