19 November 2008

what's going on

Sorry for my lack of posts lately - it's not that I haven't got much to say, just not a lot of time to say it ... so, for all my faithful "followers" who have just been waiting for my next blog ... enjoy

--Ok, I love being busy but sometimes it's too much - the economy might be heading south, but hell, it doesn't feel like it (no complaints here, I swear)

--I think I've watched Forrest Gump about 18 times - I love the soundtrack

--My boss sent me a funny link this week - reminded me how much I love a random laugh - go ahead, laugh:

--I love getting a manicure that doesn't CHIP the next day – that’s a great thing – doesn’t happen, but I love the idea, the hope, the chance it won’t chip

--I love sleeping – my husband always says he doesn’t have time to sleep – that he’s waiting for the “BIG” sleep – not me – I’ll take it when I can get it

Ok, it’s late… but my post is not complete without saying something I hate: ROAD RAGE
--Had a bad day, argument with your boyfriend, or just pissy and short-tempered ... tip: don't take it out on the rage-less drivers

--And, I hate scooping cat litter

Drive safely,