13 February 2009

It's Valentine's Day, I almost forgot

I really didn't remember that tomorrow is Valentine's Day until i walked into my office and saw a ProFlowers box on my desk - then I remembered - and what a nice surprise it was, actually.

But in all honestly, I think Valentine's Day is quite corny - it reminds me of the Kay Jewelers commercials - "every kiss begins with Kay..." hate that song - yet I could sing it on pitch perfectly if you asked me to. And their latest commercial is even worse - like I want a pink ballerina jewelry box from circa. 1982?! I've got one from 1982 and it's packed away! Plus, what soon-to-be-dreading-30 year old wants a pink ballerina holding her diamonds. Fine, I hate pink jewelry boxes - there - I said "hate." It's been a while.

Which prompts me to ask: What is the worst V-day gift or date you've ever been on?

Don't be shy. Do tell.


15 December 2008

Christmas spirit is not at the grocery store

This is my favorite time of year - only that I feel like I haven't had any time to enjoy it. This past weekend, though, I finally got our tree ...

Some things I love about this season:
--I love that my husband adopts a family in need every Christmas. For someone who doesn't 'feel' the Christmas spirit, he goes out of his way for strangers.

--He also comes with me to pick out our Christmas tree; buys it, lugs it in the house, gets it in the stand and vacuums up the needles. Then he gets all the decorations, lights, boxes of paper, bows, candles - down from storage. But I do all the decorating - which I guess is a pretty good deal. For that and many other reasons, I'm a lucky girl.

--I do feel hurried this season, but I don't hate that - it's just more stressful is all

On to something much more random - the grocery store I used to frequent, is the worst of the worst. Every time I would go there (usually after 6 p.m. mass on Sundays) - I'd tell myself, no matter what I see, e.g. loud obnoxious individuals, fights over frozen meat, and worse - I WILL NOT, repeat, will not get angry, say something I'd regret - you know, I just left mass - and as my mom always says, "You're in the state of grace," even if I don't receive communion. But everytime, like clockwork, I would run into a loud, angry, awful person - different people each time, who have on different occassions:

1. ran me over with their cart
2. cut me off in line
3. cursed at me in the parking lot because I was walking to slow
4. practically hit me with their car on my way to my car with bags
5. stolen a spot - that I was not even trying to take - but they must have been under the impression that I was going for it
6. slammed on the horn and scared the sh*t out of me as I tried to cross the street

Why can't going to the grocery store be pleasant? Be calm - I just want to stroll down the aisles, get my crap without any foul behavior or pushing, pay the bill and leave. Unfoprtunately, that never happens. Maybe I should open up a grocery chain called - "Zen" ... "find it while you shop."

Merry Christmas for now...


19 November 2008

what's going on

Sorry for my lack of posts lately - it's not that I haven't got much to say, just not a lot of time to say it ... so, for all my faithful "followers" who have just been waiting for my next blog ... enjoy

--Ok, I love being busy but sometimes it's too much - the economy might be heading south, but hell, it doesn't feel like it (no complaints here, I swear)

--I think I've watched Forrest Gump about 18 times - I love the soundtrack

--My boss sent me a funny link this week - reminded me how much I love a random laugh - go ahead, laugh:

--I love getting a manicure that doesn't CHIP the next day – that’s a great thing – doesn’t happen, but I love the idea, the hope, the chance it won’t chip

--I love sleeping – my husband always says he doesn’t have time to sleep – that he’s waiting for the “BIG” sleep – not me – I’ll take it when I can get it

Ok, it’s late… but my post is not complete without saying something I hate: ROAD RAGE
--Had a bad day, argument with your boyfriend, or just pissy and short-tempered ... tip: don't take it out on the rage-less drivers

--And, I hate scooping cat litter

Drive safely,

28 October 2008

Feeling better - there is love in the house

So, last week was a bit hectic and I hated a lot of different things; however, I am feeling much better this week...
--I love that it snowed today (well... a wintry mix)
--I love that the Phillies are winning - HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!! (that's for my husband)
--I love surprises; but I love giving them too
--I love when I can concentrate
--I love dressing in layers
What do you love???
Until we blog again - best

22 October 2008

sorry, no love here

--I hate people who cough in my face [John]
--I hate Purple mini vans - for real, mini vans are bad enough, but then they add shite black tint to the back windows, a few dents and scratches, on top of stinky foot odor and NO sunroof
--I hate underwear that leave panty lines
--I hate that it gets dark so early
Let me end on a positive note:
--I'll get back to you

20 October 2008

I can't believe I have followers

--I love that I have followers! But I love comments even more... thanks Testa

--I also love "Mad Men" on AMC - Sunday nights at 10 p.m. Has anyone caught on to this drama?? It's good...
--I love Pellegrino - sorry John, but it's better than flat tap
--I love that my husband introduces me to new things all the time