13 February 2009

It's Valentine's Day, I almost forgot

I really didn't remember that tomorrow is Valentine's Day until i walked into my office and saw a ProFlowers box on my desk - then I remembered - and what a nice surprise it was, actually.

But in all honestly, I think Valentine's Day is quite corny - it reminds me of the Kay Jewelers commercials - "every kiss begins with Kay..." hate that song - yet I could sing it on pitch perfectly if you asked me to. And their latest commercial is even worse - like I want a pink ballerina jewelry box from circa. 1982?! I've got one from 1982 and it's packed away! Plus, what soon-to-be-dreading-30 year old wants a pink ballerina holding her diamonds. Fine, I hate pink jewelry boxes - there - I said "hate." It's been a while.

Which prompts me to ask: What is the worst V-day gift or date you've ever been on?

Don't be shy. Do tell.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I received a CD wallet once.